Der EU-Lebenslauf - Mustervorlage englisch:

All comments are in italics

Career step Required information 

Personal Information



Surname, other name(s)


  • House number, street name
  • Postcode, city
  • country











Date of birth

Day, month, year


Work experience


Dates (from-to)

  • Name and address of employer
  • Type of business or sector
  • Occupation or position held
  • Main activities and responsibilities

Notice: Add separate entries for each relevant post occupied, starting with the most recent.


Education and training


Dates (from-to)

  • Name and type of organization providing education and training
  • Principal subjects/occupational skills covered
  • Title of qualification awarded
  • Level in national classification (if appropriate)

Notice: Add seperate entries for each relevant course you have completed, starting with the most recent.


Personal skills and competences

Notice: These are acquired in the course of life and career but not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas. Describe theses competences and indicate where they were acquired.


Mother tongue


Other languages

  • Reading skills (indicate level: very good / good / basic)
  • Writing skills (as above)
  • Verbal skills (as above)

Social skills and competences

Living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential (for example culture and sports).


Organisational skills and competences

Coordination and adminstration of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary work (for example culture and sports) and at home, etc.


Technical skills and competences

With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc.


Artistic skills and competences

  • Music
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Etc.

Other skills and competences

Competences not mentioned above


Driving licence(s)


Additional information

Notice: Include here any other information that may be relevant, for example contact persons, references, etc.